Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BAD cycling story

Minneapolis is the second most popular city in the country for bike commuters, and the furthest north for those who do it year round. Not surprising, then, that there would be a story in the local media about bike commuting, cycling in traffic, etc. as spring rolls into the area. I would normally look forward to watching such stories on the news, but this time it just pissed me off. CLICK HERE to read what our local ABC affiliate, KSTP 5, had to say about cyclists in the Twin Cities.

VERY one-sided presentation, slanted WAY in the direction of vehicle drivers. They spent the whole time talking about how dangerous cyclists blow through stop signs (nobody coming) and red lights (umm...not big enough to trip the light cycle) and spent no time at all talking about how asshole drivers like to ride up next to you and honk, yell, and throw stuff...whatever they can do to scare you and try to make you wreck. HINT: If you're going to do stupid stuff like that, DON'T drive the company truck. I know exactly which landscaping and auto glass companies I WON'T be using now.

Never mind the idiotic bitch who literally came within INCHES of my back tire on Xerxes Ave back in January, when she couldn't be bothered with her OWN stop sign. Unfortunately, the Law of Gross Tonnage doesn't care who has the right of way. I sobbed when I finally made it the last few blocks to work that day.

Anyway...If the Channel 5 article ticks you off as much as it did me, I encourage you to follow their links to send them feedback. I would at least like to see equal time...Maybe a helmet mounted camera on a regular bike commuter? Sign me up.

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