Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting started

Well, the title of this blog pretty much explains everything. I am, quite literally, about to pedal my fat ass off. credit where it's due, I can't claim to have coined that phrase. Mad props to the guys at, who sell cool stickers and t-shirts out of their apartment, one of which depicts a fat guy pedaling a bike and says Pedal Your Fat Ass Off in big white letters. I have them on the frame of each bike that I own, and I truly believe that it's a diet plan for a new generation. You just have to eat less and move more.

As I sit here, my current weight is 192.5 lbs. That doesn't look good on a chick who's only 5'6" tall, no matter how athletic you think you are. My goal weight is 140 lbs. I know it can be done, because I've done it before. Here's what I looked like at that weight, on my wedding day in April 2005, and a slightly more athletic version of me at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon:

Tom and I look good, don't we? Thank you...I agree. :-) That's my point....I want to get there again. I'm tired of feeling fat, slovenly, and generally unattractive. I'm tired of being ashamed to look in the mirror. I'm tired of worrying about my cholesterol, which I was told back in November 2007 had more than DOUBLED since my previous annual doctor visit. Family history is a big factor there, but I refuse to let it take over my life. I am very fortunate to have a husband like Tom, who for whatever reason loves me to distraction no matter what weight I am. Let me make it perfectly clear...I am NOT doing this because he makes me feel fat and nasty. That image is in my own messed up head. Yes, he pushes me and doesn't tolerate my occasional fits of whining and excuses, but he's not one of those people who says "I'm not attracted to you anymore since you got fat." Quite the opposite, in fact. Let's face it...He loves all my pieces parts, and I do mean ALL....'nuff said. He supports me in whatever I try to do, so I'm doing this because I want to be healthier, more self-confident, and proud of how I look when we go out together.

So...Here is my Official Before Photo, taken moments ago. Small children and anyone using a pacemaker should leave the room immediately.

Clearly, not my finest moment. I will update this blog with new pix of myself at least monthly, more for ME to realize the changes than anything else. I see myself every day, and it's hard to notice what's different unless you have something to compare it against.

What's the plan, you ask? As I said before, it's all about eating less and moving more:

1) Eating less: Portion control is everything, and I haven't been doing a good job of it lately. I also eat out at restaurants entirely too much. I have therefore signed up for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating, which will provide me with 1200 calories a day of freshly made food so that I don't have to worry about counting calories or anything else. That's not enough to keep a bird alive and I know from experience that I can effectively lose weight on 1500-1700 calories per day, so I plan to supplement the SSHE meals with healthy snacks like carrot sticks and fat free yogurt. I pick up my first set of meals this coming Monday, in time for dinner. One reason I'm looking forward to it is that the menu says I get zucchini on the first night, which I love but never get anymore because Tom hates it. :-)

2) Moving more: Back to the blog title...Pedal Your Fat Ass Off. The cornerstone of my exercise plan is cycling. Minnesota has great bike paths, especially here in the Twin Cities. It is the second most popular city in the country for bike commuting to work, and the furthest north for people who do it year round. Thanks to the Uber-Hubby (the aforementioned Tom), I have gotten more involved in cycling over the past 4 years, and recently began riding my bike to work...a 21.6 mile trip each way. Not only does it save a lot of money in gas, but it will also help get me in shape for our European cycling trip at the end of May. Bike commuting also burns off an ass-ton of calories...According to my GPS watch, I burn over 1200 calories EACH WAY. Woo hoo! Uber-Hubby says it's important to publicly state your goals, so here it is: I will log 1500 miles on my bike before we leave for our trip on May 23rd, and I will reach 4200 miles by the end of September 2008. That's about when the weather stops cooperating for consistent daily cycling anyway. With my current total of about 466 miles, that means I'll need to log about 150 miles per week from now until then. Not too bad when you consider my commute to work, but I'll need to suck it up and do it 3-4 days per week or else ride a lot on the weekends.

My other activities include ice hockey (yes, even women in their 30's play too), weight training (during lunch in the fitness center at my job), and long walks to get ready for this year's MS Challenge Walk. I may even throw in the occasional jog.

That should do it for now. Remember...get off the couch and

Pedal Your Fat Ass Off


Sheryl said...

Hey Amy! Had to jump over here and check out your blog. I love your goals, your commitment AND your humor! Will miss being on the Titans with you; thanks for your service as captain. But now I know I can run over here and comment anytime - yay! Keep pedaling!

Bohica Babe said...

Dude! Your boobs are HUGE!!! :-)

(Looking on the bright side of life)

Future Skinny Redhead said...

I know...I think Uber-Hubby is slightly concerned about my "fun bits" going away, but it's not like they're going to turn into prunes. :-)