Monday, April 28, 2008

A low point, but not really

Ok...So after 3 weeks on the SSHE program, I finally had a meal I didn't like and don't care if I ever have again. It started with some seriously bland, flavorless vegetable soup. I've never really been a fan of vegetable soup in general, but there are ways to make it palatable. SSHE missed the mark this time. The rest of the meal was a slice of not-so-tasty, kind of dry bread with some peanut butter & apricot spread, but thankfully I replaced that with a real PB&J this morning, which I could justify because I'm supplementing up to 1500-1700 calories per day from the 1200 provided by the program. Ok, so I also had one of those Toasted Wraps from KFC, but it's only got one chicken strip in it and I did go for a nice, hour long bike ride on the Taco after work.

Better luck with dinner. New food delivered this afternoon, so tonight I had Polish Pierogies & Sauerkraut with Veggie Sausage. After doctoring the kraut with sea salt, pepper, & crushed red flakes, it was pretty tasty...Also one of the more filling meals I've had so far. You do end up adding spices to taste, because some of it comes out a little bland because the menu is sodium restricted and also toned down due to some people's wimpy taste buds.

Which reminds me...What is it with Minnesotans not being able to take spicy food? It's sad, really. I remember a waitress we had right after moving up here 3 years ago. I ordered something relatively normal from the menu (don't remember what) and she said {insert upper midwest accent here} "Ya know, dat's really spicy, don't ya?" I kind of snickered and said I'd be fine. These people would get along great with British folks & their version of sausage, which is really more of a flavorless hot dog. God forbid either of them ever get hold of some spicy Jimmy Dean, LOL.

I better go to bed before I get off on a tangent of complaining about the ungodly grip winter has on us up here.

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