Friday, May 2, 2008

My husband's ass is famous

Ok...So I figured out a long time ago that Uber-Hubby has a fabulous looking rear end, but who knew that it would one day gain him world wide recognition? CLICK HERE to read all about it. His ass now apparently runs in the same circles as J-Lo and Kim Kardashian. Yikes.

Don't get me wrong...I'm down with gay dudes and all that, but {insert Z formation triple snap here} HANDS OFF, honey. He's mine. :-)

This seems a particularly appropriate time to say

Get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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Adrienne said...

Checking in to see how things are going. Congratulations on your successes so far! I hear ya about the uncooperative weather. Can't it just be SPRING already?!?! I wanted to ask you what you did to prepare yourself to run the entire 2004 Rock 'N' Roll Half? As you may remember, I slacked that year and did worse than I did in 2003...not much worse, but worse. I have printed Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training Program, which will officially start tomorrow as tomorrow marks the beginning of 12 weeks to my half marathon. I'm definitely going to get in their suggested miles, just maybe not running the entire distances. Not to bore you with details but this week would be, M: stretch & strengthen, T: 3 m run, W: 2 m run or cross, Th: 3 m run + strength, F: rest, Sa: 30 min cross, Su: 4 m run. Of course, the distances gradually increase each week as I progress. I’m curious to know your opinion since you’ve successfully run a half-marathon.

Fundraising is going well, I’m almost up to $2,000. I started with just Internet solicitation hoping to save a few bucks on postage. I have moved on “follow-up” emails to the folks I sent the Internet post cards to and next I will be mailing letters with self-addressed, stamped envelopes to those who don’t respond. Will you update your Challenge Walk info here or is this just for pedaling??

Good luck this week and I look forward to your next post.