Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So far, so good

Ok, so I've had a couple of days on the program, and things are going pretty well, I must say. This morning I was down TWO pounds already, which I know is only water weight but it's still good for the motivation. Standby for my weekly "official" weigh in every Saturday.

Good news... I found a soft sided cooler in the laundry room that is PERFECT for carrying up to two meals worth of SSHE food, plus snacks. Funny thing is, it's the BEER cooler that Uber-Hubby got from Old Chicago as some prize in the World Beer Tour. So yes, I am now hauling my healthy food around in a beer cooler. :-) The major victory at this point is that I wasn't at home for dinner last night, but planned ahead & picked one of the meals that is made to be eaten cold, so no microwave access required. VERY tasty, actually...Gazpacho, carrots with spinach dip (lots of it...actually needed the extra carrots I packed), and chocolate pudding. Yes, folks, I got chocolate pudding on my healthy food plan...Woo hoo! Tonight's dinner was turkey meatballs in sour cream sauce, red skin potatoes au gratin, seasoned green peas, and acorn squash. To steal a phrase from Rachael Ray, YUM-O!

Other good news... Found a place to live for when we move to Mankato this summer, plus scored some good info on joining the local YMCA down there. I can't wait to get on with that phase of our lives, but it's hard to believe that Uber-Hubby will graduate from the perio program at the UofM in just over a

Off to walk the pooch before I go to my women's open hockey session.

Remember...Get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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Bohica Babe said...

So I looked up Mankato on Yahoo Maps and it seems to be in the boonies. Ah... the country life. Although a population of about 32 thousand is pretty massive compared to where I grew up. You will probably have a Wal Mart and everything! That Sclare/Far Fissure thinger sounds pretty nice as well.