Saturday, April 12, 2008

Official Weigh-In Day

Okay, kids. Saturday is my Official Weigh-In Day. I actually weigh myself daily (buck naked, empty stomach, empty bladder, first thing in the morning) because it helps me deal with water retention & getting back on track with food if I fell off the wagon the day before, but it's a hold over from my days on eDiets that the Saturday morning thing is where I say "I've lost xx lbs this week."

Sidebar: Quick shout out to my old friends from the Triumphant Titans team from the eDiets Life's Odyssey Challenge. I'm sorry that eDiets hosed up their website so much that many of us left, but to be honest I was ready to go anyway. I needed a big change to kickstart the PYFAO program, but the site problems made that decision much easier. Anyway...Sheryl, Donna, Dawn, Lori, etc...Hope to see you ladies on here & keeping in touch via email.

It's also good to see/hear from Christina & Adrienne, both of whom I haven't talked to in ages. You're right, Adrienne....I DO miss our Challenge Walk training at the Noland Trail.

So anyway...(wish I had a sound clip for a drum roll)...
I lost 2 pounds this week! Current weight = 190.5
Not bad, especially when you consider that the weather prevented me from doing any riding at all this week. I was generally able to get outside and walk around the lake during my lunch break because whatever crappy precipitation thing was going on usually stopped by then, but the early morning and then the evening times were terrible. Things are definitely looking up for next week...Sunny & in the 60's on Monday...Woo hoo!

Gotta go finish panic cleaning the house...Landlord coming over...eeek.

Remember...Get of the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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