Friday, June 5, 2009

Switched weight loss plans, having success

Ok...So I've been feeling for a while now that Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating just wasn't doing it for me, so a week and a half ago I switched to Weight Watchers. I looked back at my weight stats, and when I quit SSHE I weighed exactly the same as I did when I started a little over a year ago.

Was it too many carbs, or was I just not following the plan properly. Personally, I think it was a little from Column A and ALOT from Column B. I found myself cheating more and more frequently, plus we were out of town often enough in hotels without access to fridge & microwave that I was buying the SSHE food and then not eating it. What a waste of money to live that way.

Don't get me wrong...I think SSHE can be good for people in the right situation. It certainly brought my cholesterol under control, and for the most part the food was tasty. I just started to feel like I needed a change, hence the switch to Weight Watchers and their Momentum Plan. Now I'm going to meetings once a week, I'm using their online tracker tools (which are making me want my Blackberry WAY sooner than August, but I have to wait), and I'm excited about meal planning and cooking again.

WW is also teaching me how to eat in the real world. I'm going to dinner with hockey friends tonight, and I've already checked out the restaurant menu online to figure out what I can have. I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow night, and I'm taking spicy black bean veggie burgers to put on the grill. The wife of the family we'll be with is doing WW with me (helps to have local buddies), so I'm taking some for her to try as well. We've already talked, and there will be guacamole with veggies to dip and some fruit salad, so I'm not worried at all.

I lost 4.2 lbs the first week, and I'm on track to lose at least 3 more before my weigh in next Wednesday night. This plan is SO working for me right now. It's nice to have a little success to keep you going. The only down side is that I miss my friend Rita, the SSHE lady in Faribault.