Monday, August 31, 2009

Wear your helmets CORRECTLY, people. Your life depends on it.

This mother of 4 was killed in a freak bicycle accident in Minneapolis today. She was riding into a tunnel on a popular bike path & crashed head on into another cyclist who was coming out of the tunnel. Her helmet flew off (so it likely wasn't being worn correctly) & she hit her head on the ground, killing her. RIP, Lisa Roden.

It isn't enough to simply wear a helmet, people. It has to fit AND be worn correctly on your head, not just slapped on the back so as not to muss your 80's style puffy bangs. If you can touch your forehead to the wall without your helmet hitting the wall first, that's a big clue.

Click HERE to read about how to properly fit/wear your bicycle helmet.

Click HERE to read about when you should replace your helmet.

I'm going right now to check the chin strap on mine. I'm pretty sure it's too loose.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad example, President Obama

While I love the fact that the Obama family went for a bike ride together as they vacation on Martha's Vineyard, I am NOT happy about how the President AND the Secret Service were not wearing helmets. See this article from the Washington Post.

Don't get me wrong...I loves me some Barack Obama...but whatever happened to setting a good example?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UPDATE: Surly Big Dummy Custom Paint Job

Some of you may recall this post from March of this year, asking for your input on what color I should have my Surly Big Dummy painted. It only comes in a yucky Olive Drab Green, and as I said before, a Navy vet simply can't ride an Army Green bike. I've noticed on my Stat Counter that a lot of people are searching on the subject of custom paint jobs for Big Dummy frames, so I figured it was time for an update.

Anyway, the folks at Powder Coating Technologies in Plymouth, MN were really great to me and have lots of experience in painting all kinds of stuff, including plenty of bike frames. Sadly, they didn't have the Bass Boat Purple that I was hoping for, but they DID have just enough powder left from a Harley Davidson dealership's custom color order to really make this bike pop.

Sparkle Copper Metallic:

I've been riding it all summer long, and it's AWESOME. I can take Rocky to the dog park (seen here, ready to roll), haul 4 bags of groceries, and even my hockey bag. I also love the fact that somewhere out there is a HOG that is the same color as the Pretty Dummy.

Big thanks again to Uber Hubby for making this year's birthday prezzie a truly great one.

THIS is why you wear a helmet and use lights at night.

An excerpt from a Mankato Free Press story about a local douchebag who was riding his bike at night on the sidewalk, with no helmet and no lights:

"Joshua Kuck remembers getting on his bike and heading home from work Monday night.

He recalls taking his usual route home, then seeing a car pull in front of him as his Huffy mountain bike zipped across Mulberry Street. He’s pretty sure he at least thought about taking evasive action.

After that, everything is a blur until he woke up strapped to a backboard at Immanuel St. Joseph’s Hospital. The nurses told him he was lucky, the crash with a 1992 Buick could have been much worse."

Click HERE to read the full story.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suburban Housewife - NSFW (or kids)

There are certain people I know who need to see this video. WARNING - It's super funny, but NOT safe for work or watching in front of your kids due to language.

Props to my friend Shelly for sending this to me in the first place.