Monday, May 19, 2008

Like no other restaurant on Earth

In short, this place is the bomb. We take most of our out of town guests to a place called Chino Latino, located in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. It's a really groovy mix of Asian and Latin foods "from the hot zone"...all around the equator. I've never EVER had a bad meal there, though I do wish it wasn't quite so noisy.

Anyway...We took U-H's father & step-mother there last night. His daughter went with, and I was pleasantly surprised at how willing the 10 year old was to try new things, especially the sushi. A proud moment, indeed. FYI...If you've never had a drink called a Mexican 3 Way, I highly recommend it. 3 shots of good tequila, tamarind, citrus juices, etc...I had to self limit to only 1, but it was worth it.

Predictably, I'm up a couple of pounds worth of water weight, but the weather is looking really good for the rest of this week and I should have a couple of good days of riding to and from work before we take of on our trip, so I'm not worried.

Chino Latino...Get there if you can. Until then, get off the couch and

Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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