Monday, May 12, 2008

Talk about perspective

If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times. Just when I think I have some kind of problem that has me teetering on the edge of self pity, something always happens to knock some sense back into me and make me realize that my issues are miniscule compared to what other people deal with every day with grace and dignity. Thanks to Uber-Hubby, I have yet another good example.

There's a guy who calls himself Fat Cyclist who has a blog, and lately his posts have been detailing his wife's battle with breast cancer that has metastasized into her brain. I don't know these people, but I find their story both incredibly sad and mind blowingly inspiring at the same time. They are doing their best to live their lives as normally as possible, but they are also taking steps to preserve important memories in the event that Susan loses her battle. They've started recording videos of their conversations so that F.C. and their kids can look back on them later....Stories of how they met and fell in love, what happened when they found out they were having twins, what Susan expects of the children as they grow up, etc. That's a priceless gift to leave your kids and other loved ones, and it's an example by which we should all strive to live.

Another important thing this family has done is allow their friends and family to help. I know this from experience, so I can say with absolute authority that letting people in your life at times like these is CRUCIAL to everyone involved. Nobody can do anything about the fact that there's a battle against a deadly disease going on here, but they CAN do things like bring over food, donate money, and show up for bike rides with their beloved F.C. to give him a break from the caregiver's duties (at least for a little while). Each person has something to contribute, and it's all meaningful.

I encourage each of you to click over to read some of Fat Cyclist's blog entries. If you are so inclined, there's a link in the upper right corner of his page where some close friends of the family have set up an account to help with medical expenses. They've even got it hooked up through PayPal for added convenience. Starting next week, you'll also be able to purchase a very snazzy looking F.C. bike jersey. Keep checking back for the link to the Twin Six apparel website, which I'll share as soon as the jerseys go up for sale.

Remember...Get off the couch, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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