Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 2: Loop ride out from Lednice

Gorgeous weather today. This is technically Day 2, but it's really the first riding day of the trip. The basic route was 34 miles, but Uber-Hubby and I opted for the extension loop, which gave us a total of 47.3 today. It included one heck of a climb up and around one of the highest elevations in the region, but the reward was a close up shot of the castle ruins, an absolutely AWESOME view of the valley below, and then a killer descent that at one point had me too scared to look at how fast I was going.

We're done for the day, and we'll be off to find dinner on our own soon. Czech is much more difficult to learn than German was, but phrase books come in handy and the locals admire you for trying. The food has been really good so far, more vegetables than I was initially led to believe. Who knew red cabbage soup would be so tasty?

Hey...If you haven't already, get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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Mitzi said...

So far, your trip sounds great. I'm excited for you. I've been sending good wishes your way and have said several prayers for your safety. Can't wait to see photos cause I'm sure UH will only take 5 or 10...thousand!!! This is weird to say but...I miss you. Never mind that we already live a bazillion miles apart, the fact that you are now in another country makes me miss you more than normal. And I missed our Monday night chat. Take care and have FUN. I love you.