Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 3: Lednice to Znojmo via Mikulov

Our first stop on today's ride was Mikulov, where we had time to tour the town and I bought my first ceramic bowl of this trip. I collect them and use them for soups, chili, Tom's ice cream, etc. On the way to Znojmo ("znoy-mo"), we had the option of either stopping for a picnic (using supplies bought in Mikulov) or finding a restaurant along the way. Tom & I chose the restaurant option and had great fun trying to decipher the menu with our phrase books. So far, it remains my favorite lunch meal of the trip.

Side note...Phrase books are the ONLY way to go. I can't imagine traveling to a foreign country without them, though amazingly a lot of people do. When the locals see you making an effort, no matter how badly you butcher the pronunciation, they are MUCH more likely to help you.

That night, we had a wine tasting and dinner at our hotel. We had just traveled through some of the Czech Republic's best wine making regions, so it was really wonderful having a no-kidding sommelier there to tell us about each one we tried.

46 miles today (5-28-08).

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