Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekly Ticker Update

Hmmm...Down 3 from the last weigh in, but still up from where I was on Tuesday or Wednesday of this past week. I keep dipping down into the high 170's mid-week, but then a little of it seems to creep back on by the time the official weigh in rolls around. We'll see how it goes this week...Hopefully spending the weekend in the Twin Cities hasn't caused too much damage. We ate at dear Old Chicago a couple of times, but I did my best to be good, plus we did a big charity bike ride on Saturday. Which reminds me...

Thanks to a 30 mile round trip to/from Nicollet South Bike Shop on Friday and a total of 68.3 miles on Saturday at the Tour de Tonka, I more than made up for not making the big Faribault ride earlier this week. I'm right on track with needing 150 miles/week to make my goal of 3500 miles by the end of September. In fact, if I keep the current pace, I'll make it a couple of days early.

Busy week coming up, socially speaking. In addition to all the classes I'm doing at the Y, there's a neighborhood picnic on Wednesday, Open House at Uber-Hubby's office on Thursday (command performance, must shave legs & look nice, etc), and then the summer party (also with office people) at the ball park. I'm actually looking forward to the Open House, because frankly it's the perfect opportunity to meet any number of local dentists who just might be looking for a collections/delinquent accounts & claims expert (ME) for some part time work. Here's how I see it going down (potentially):
I get introduced to Dr. X as Mrs. U-H. Dr X politely asks how I like Mankato so far, and inevitably follows up by asking what I do for a living...probably because my response to Question 1 will be that I like Mankato just fine, but it's time to make more of an effort to become gainfully employed, at least on a part time basis. In response to Question 2, I will explain that back in Minneapolis I worked for a group dental practice for several years, concentrating mainly on delinquent/denied insurance claims, accounts receivable, and collections. Acknowledging that most practices in this area probably aren't big enough to need someone like me full time (good, since I don't want to work full time), I will find a way to tactfully let Dr X know that I'm interested in some kind of part time arrangement whereby he gets expert assistance in significantly reducing the amount of money he's waiting to be paid by various entities, and I get out of the house and feel like I'm making more of a contribution to the Hoover family bottom line while still being able to travel and all that good stuff.

Would it be too presumptuous of me to have updated copies of my resume at the ready? Not right there in my hot little paws, mind you, but somewhere nearby in a nice, neat folder or something...Just in case Dr X is legitimately interested. This is all supposed to come off super casual, as the natural progression of polite conversation...Not like I'm shoving some kind of bible thumper pamhlet under his nose when he's just trying to cross the street. It's a thought.

While I'm working on that, why don't you get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off?

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