Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hearty Congrats to Large Fella On A Bike

For those who don't know the reference, CLICK HERE to become acquainted. If you check the entry dated today (6 Aug 08), down at the bottom of it you'll see that he hopped on the scale a bit early and discovered that he's now below 200 lbs, meaning that since he started in November of 2005, he's lost OVER 300 LBS!!!!! Dude....I don't know you, but I wish I did. That is seriously amazing. The Twin Cities' loss is Portland's gain. Good luck with the move. Congrats also for Chloe's recent cycling achievement. Great story.

In other news of the good tidings variety, today is Rocky the Uber-Pooch's 7th birthday. He's been with me since March of 2003, and I can barely remember what my life was like before he came along. Empty compared to now, that's for sure. I don't have any particularly recent pix, but this one is from 2004, at the "birthday party" Gelsey insisted we throw for him at the time...hats and all.
This one is also from that party...He basically looks the same now and has the same puppy-like energy and enthusiasm, but has a little bit of grayish white around his chin. Also, he only gets the birthday cake toy once a year. If you heard it play Happy Birthday incessantly as he chased it around the house, you'd understand.
So anyway...While I'm out walking the birthday boy, why don't you get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off

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Mitzi said...

Happy Birthday, Rockstar.