Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just another Kool Aid wino

CLICK HERE to read an awesome story about these two kids running a Kool Aid stand in Montana.
Apparently the Hell's Angels stopped in Missoula last month at the beginning of their annual cross country motorcycle ride. The two boys mentioned in the article are veteran Kool Aid and lemonade stand entrepreneurs, so last time the bikers were in town they figured out that it would be a smart thing to put up a sign saying "Welcome Hell's Angels". They had guys lined up like winos looking for their next fix, to the point that the local cops had to help with traffic control. I don't care how mean-looking and tattooed these biker dudes are, deep down they have hearts as soft as teddy bears.

I've always felt that way about bikers, especially since my family met up with the Concerned Bikers Association back during my little brother Jason's days as a regional poster child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He was always being invited to participate in various photo ops, parades, and other appearances. One time he was on a parade float with these scary looking, tattooed biker guys where he sat in the sidecar of one of their motorcycles. Afterwards we were invited to their picnic and had a great time getting to know these people.

So next time you see a scary looking biker dude, don't turn the other way or cross the street. Offer him some Kool Aid...Maybe he's just thirsty.

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