Saturday, July 19, 2008

No "official" update this week....

but that's probably a good thing. We had to go back up to Minneapolis on Friday night because U-H had his annual IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) thingy for the Navy early Saturday morning. Since we were going to be up there, we both got fresh hair cuts with our fave people. Isn't it SUCH a pain in the you-know-where to have to find a new hair person?

Wait a minute...Considering the name of this blog, I have to stop and consider why I was hesitant to write what I was really thinking there...that it's a pain in the ASS to find a new hair person. Wonder why I didn't want to come out and say ass? It's not like my mother, the quintessential analog woman in a digital world, is going to read this or anything. Well, maybe my sister will read it and tell her about it, but then it would just be another funny family story to recount at Christmas. As Arsenio would say, "Things that make you go Hmmmm..." But I digress.

So anyway, I was away from my regular bathroom scale on Saturday morning, so no official weekly weigh in update today. Just as well probably, because we had dinner at Old Chicago last night with some friends, then ended up back at their house to sit around the bonfire and make S'mores. Yummy. That, combined with the crap I ate for breakfast and lunch today, have no doubt combined for a round of water retention the likes of which haven't been seen in some time. I really need to try and stay at hotels that offer a fridge & microwave in the room so I can take my SSHE food along with me.

I did have a nice little NSV (non-scale victory) this afternoon, however. By happenstance, our trip up to the Twin Cities coincided with a picnic marking the 2nd birthday of Minneapolis Bike Love, the web chat group that U-H belongs to (and which has been the source of many good friendships). I don't post there, but because of U-H I've met several of the members and enjoy hanging out with them on occasion. Since I haven't seen them for awhile, my recent weight loss was noted and commented upon favorably. It's always nice to get noticed like that, because I see myself every day and don't necessarily see the changes. Hmmm...Maybe it's time to take an update photo, but after this water weight is gone, LOL.

Weather forecast for Monday looks good (so far) for the semi-weekly ride to Faribault, so I'm hopeful. What are YOUR plans to get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off?

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Mitzi said...

I saw that you put the word ASS in your blog and I'm telling our mother. Love ya, sis!!