Friday, October 3, 2008

Ticker Update

Woo Hoo! Hopefully this time I'm firmly in the 170s and headed south, NEVER to return to the 180s. I was a tad worried because I got a call yesterday to come to lunch with Uber-Hubby, his boss, & the boss man's wife. Luckily, we went to Applebee's (not much else around here in Mankato), and they have a Weight Watchers section in their menu. I had a delicious Cajun Lime Tilapia with a side of veggies for only 310 calories!!! Ok, so I added a cup of Tomato Basil soup, but that had to be one of the healthiest restaurant lunches I've had in months, and it was GOOD.

In other weight loss news...
I just joined a group called The Biggest Loser League. The difference between that & the more well known Biggest Loser Club is that you PAY for the club & get all kinds of diet plan advice, etc while you DON'T pay for the league and it's just an online community where you follow whatever plan you're on and compete for points. You have a profile kind of like a MySpace page where you can blog & post photos, plus they have chat boards where you can meet up with other like minded chubsters. I missed having the chit-chatty stuff from when I was on eDiets, so this seems like a good fit for me.

I'm excited about tonight because I get to go to hockey practice with my old team, the Hot Flash. Though I'm technically still on the roster, it's tough to get back up there since we moved to Mankato, but this weekend I'm combining that with my regular trip back to the Cities for my hair appointment. I'll be staying at a team mate's house, so thankfully no hotel bill this time. I've missed this group of ladies, so I'm really looking forward to this.

So...What are YOU doing today to get off the couch and
Pedal Your Fat Ass Off


David said...

Good cross training the hockey stuff I bet!

Future Skinny Redhead said...

Yes, great cross training, plus it's just FUN. I wish I had this growing up in NC, but better late than never.