Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Other News...

Ok, so the Tony the Tiger post (below) is the real highlight of the day, but here's what else is going on since I've been too lazy to post lately...

1) Started a new job this past week. It's part time during the day, which is exactly what I had been hoping for, because it leaves me open for the eventual opening of my Mankato distributorship of SSHE (if they ever decide to let me do it), plus I can still do all my workouts and stuff. I'm now what's called a Title I Paraprofessional at the elementary school near my house. I go in for a couple of hours each morning and work with kindergarten kids who need extra help with reading and math. So far, so good.

2) Went to my 20 year high school reunion last weekend. It was mainly an excuse to see my mom, sister, and the one guy I actually keep in touch with from that time, but it turned out to be pretty fun. Oddly, the person I felt like I connected with the most was the wife of a guy that I went to school with from 4th grade on. She was a hoot, and at her direction I came home and got signed up on Facebook. For anyone who cares to send a friend request, just go on there and look for Amy Coxe Hoover in the Minneapolis area, then include a note saying you found me from the blog.

3) I may have talked about this one in an earlier post (too lazy to go back and check), but I got involved with an online group called the Biggest Loser League. It's part of the official show stuff from NBC, but it's a free version that's basically online chat support. The one you pay for is called Biggest Loser Club and supposedly includes more, but this is all I really want for now. There's a Fall 500 Mile Challenge going on, which of course I'm in because you know how I love to track mileage. This is one isn't just bike miles, though...It's whatever combo you want between running, walking, riding, elliptical, etc. You have to get 500 miles in 10 weeks, kind of on the model of that Fat March show where people lost weight by walking 500 miles during the show's season. So here's my new ticker:

Edit...This ticker gets updated whenever I change the data, so whatever you see here is the CURRENT total, not what it was when I originally posted. It's not the same as my weight loss ticker, which is a new one each time.

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