Monday, October 6, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI: World is too materialistic

Found this article this morning on how the Pope thinks we've all become too attached to money and material things. The odd thing is that I tend to agree with him, but it also strikes me a uber-hypocritical when it comes from a guy who wears bespoke clothing, Prada shoes, carries a solid gold scepter, and whose everyday life in general is surrounded by priceless gems and other treasures. I mean, isn't it The Church who has spent hundreds of years gathering as much material wealth as it possibly could under the supposition that you're giving all the glory to God, but the officials left on earth are the ones who get to use the stuff? Plan on giving any of that up any time soon to set a good example there, Your Holiness? I think not.

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anji said...

Prada in Italy is like, not as coveted as we make it here in North America :D

As for the rest? Well, hopefully it's passed down... I also don't think he actually draws a salary.... so, not sure! Perhaps a good point :D