Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 7: Telc to Jindrichuv Hradec

(6-1-08) The eye swelling thing is weird. I'm pretty much alright during the day, but at night while I'm sleeping it swells up again. Whatever bee crap I got injected with is taking it's sweet time processing it's way through my body, I guess. At least I was able to get my contacts in today. We rode a total of 35.6 miles today, from Telc ("telch") to Jindrichuv Hradec ("jin-drich-uhv huh-rod-ets"), which literally means Henry's Castle. Seems that every big town has a castle around here, but some look more like a hillside chateau.

Side note: They've done an amazing job of preservation in this country. The buildings themselves seem to have lasted a good long time, and the people seem to be VERY eco-conscious. Very little in the way of public litter, and they are actually in the process of converting the old Iron Curtain "no man's land" areas into one huge greenway for bikes and hikers. At some point a few days ago, we saw the last remaining piece of Iron Curtain fenceline in the Czech Republic that has been preserved for tourism, but I forget right now exactly which day.

Almost forgot...On the way to Jindrichuv Hradec, we took the optional loop for extra mileage, and on the way back in we saw some old MiG war planes in someone's yard. Never mind that there's no possible area for them to ever take off, but I guess it would be a fun restoration project.

As long as you're awake, why not get off the couch and
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