Monday, August 31, 2009

Wear your helmets CORRECTLY, people. Your life depends on it.

This mother of 4 was killed in a freak bicycle accident in Minneapolis today. She was riding into a tunnel on a popular bike path & crashed head on into another cyclist who was coming out of the tunnel. Her helmet flew off (so it likely wasn't being worn correctly) & she hit her head on the ground, killing her. RIP, Lisa Roden.

It isn't enough to simply wear a helmet, people. It has to fit AND be worn correctly on your head, not just slapped on the back so as not to muss your 80's style puffy bangs. If you can touch your forehead to the wall without your helmet hitting the wall first, that's a big clue.

Click HERE to read about how to properly fit/wear your bicycle helmet.

Click HERE to read about when you should replace your helmet.

I'm going right now to check the chin strap on mine. I'm pretty sure it's too loose.

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