Saturday, November 1, 2008

My bathroom scale is confused


The bathroom scale that Uber Hubby & I use is one of those digital jobbies that remembers the data for 2 people and helps you track your body fat, weight, etc. When we met, I weighed a lot less than he did, so it was kind of a joke that it was "in our marriage contract" that he wasn't allowed to weigh less than me. We all know how that went, because I'm the one that porked out starting in 2005. I remember when the scale first started getting confused between us because I had gained so much that our weights were so close together that the poor scale couldn't tell who was who. That was a sad day for me. It wasn't too long before there was no more confusion, because I kept on gaining.

Not this time, people! I've been headed consistently back in the right direction for a while now, and as of this morning's weigh in I have officially surpassed the -20 mark and the scale is confused again!

That's even with the big Halloween Bash last weekend & lunch at Old Chicago the following day. We have another party tonight, but after this I'm not worried. While UH is in line to get his hair cut at his fave place in Minneapolis today, I'll be passing the time by doing my Saturday long run, then we'll go off and have a good time tonight.

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